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We have had many positive experiences with Paul Valley and Organized Spaces. Their customers are always happy with their work. Here are some great before and AFTER pictures of the results of one customer–neighbors of Yuno’s. Paul is a man of great personal integrity and great workmanship.

Warmest, Julie


Julie Hutton


Sales & Marketing Specialist

Coldwell Banker Bain

8525 120th Ave NE, Ste 100

Kirkland, WA 98033




Getting Your Home to SOLD (1:32) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yp5QuB3YpDM

Facebook Profile http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kirkland-WA/Julie-Hutton-Real-Estate/95502741259

Julie Hutton’s BLOG https://juliehutton.wordpress.com/

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We’re meeting at a client’s home with Dave Rushing of PAINTING AMERICA INC.com and Dave is telling us all about the importance of choosing the right color. They do quality, precise interior and exterior painting with FREE Professional Color Consulting (Dave really understands the power and energy behind color).

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There is much confusion and concern among homeowners that are under water with their mortgages.

Here’s what some experts in Washington State have to say, “… there is debate amongst attorneys and different courts as to the effect of a deed in lieu as well as regarding the existence of the right of a creditor to seek a deficiency judgment if the lender later sells the property for less…

…Our advice is to have the agreements reviewed and to negotiate clear release language.” McFerran, Burns & Stovall, P.S.    www.mbs-law.com

I absolutely agree!

BE SURE TO GET ADVICE FROM AN ATTORNEY Many will consult with you over the phone for as little as $150. (I know some in the Seattle / Tacoma area. Email me for their info. Julie@JulieHutton.com )


  1. Type up all your questions and the key facts before your appointment. Then email these to the attorney to review as you consult with them. This way you can be sure to remember to cover EVERY question you have so you can make the best decisions FOR YOU in your situation.
  2. You may even want to record the conversation so that you can review it later with a clearer mind or with a partner.
  3. Don’t be ashamed. We are in an economic crisis of major proportions. You are just one of multi-millions. Get the help you need and make a fresh start. You are a good person!

If I can help in any small way… please feel free to contact me.

Warmest, Julie Hutton   425-260-4440    Julie@JulieHutton.com

Broker with Coldwell Banker Bain, Kirkland, WA

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