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HUGE SCAM Stealing Millions of Dollars from Unsuspecting Internet Users by Julie Hutton

HUGE SCAM involving…
Cell Phone Provider

How it works:
I typed in Netflix.com (except, I must have made a typo because it was a phony site) and a 30 second survey pops up (with Netflix logo) and all you have to do is give a 30 second survey for the chance to win one of three prizes ( iphone or iPad2). I answer the quick survey and then they ask for your phone number and email address for prize notification. They are going to send you a pin number to use for confirmation.

Now, I’m in a hurry, I don’t understand the whole message, I’m confused (the intention of the scam) I get the pin number and submit it AND THEN ALL HECK BREAKS OUT and the text messages start coming fast and furiously. Multiple messages one after another.

“Your pin is 2019. Enter this on Guessology.com for ringtns. Reply HELP 4help 1-877074105 $9.99/mo Subscription. Rely STOP to cancel.Mesg&data rates may aply.”

I can’t type ‘STOP’ fast enough.

The response I get is “You are not subscribed to any services. For more support: Call 18002357105 or e-mail help@sms-helpdesk.com.”

Finally after my phone quiets down. I respond with STOP to all the text messages and I google ‘sms-helpdesk.com’ to research it. It is an empty/phony site.

I emailed SPRINT immediately regarding the Scam and even though I texted back ‘STOP’, one charge still showed up on my account. The account rep said ‘You might have inadvertently subscribed for these services.’ NO, I was scammed.

Another victim’s story:
From Rob Knop’s blog: http://scientopia.org/blogs/galacticinteractions/2009/10/31/horrible-service-from-sprint-receive-text-messages-risk-getting-signed-up-for-additional-billing/

Rob Knop is a member of the faculty of Quest University in Squamish, British Columbia.

For Your Protection:
Call your provider right now and DEMAND a BLOCK be placed on your account. “Block Premium SMS.”
(See Verizon’s info page about creating blocks: http://support.vzw.com/faqs/Premium_TXT_and_MMS/faq_premium_txt_and_mms.html

Recourse for Charges:
Submit the following official ‘complaints’ and your provider will be calling you to kiss-and-make-up and clear all the charges IMMEDIATELY.

Do not hesitate. Get mad. These SCAMMERS are stealing from you. And millions of others. It is EASY to file these complaints on line.

Just calling your phone provider’s service representative seems to be inadequate. They either outright lie or are seriously incompetent. Either way you are being ripped off and your service provider is providing the means.

Washington State Attorney General Complaint http://www.atg.wa.gov/fileacomplaint.aspx

Better Business Bureau

FTC Federal Trade Commission

Hope this has been helpful!

Warmest, Julie

Julie Hutton

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