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Nip Problems in the Bud, BEFORE Emotions Explode

 “Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. Respond immediately!”


In general, people’s mind’s tend to ‘make-things-up’. If they have a fear—without some response from you they will begin to imagine the worst and then the ‘worst case scenario’ grows and now your client is worried and fearful.


Many people then respond by becoming angry at you as a way to vent this built up anxiety.


Jim, a commercial real estate broker that I coached recently, had a client that was calling him every day about the negotiation process and wanting his broker to contact and nudge the selling broker. Jim was concerned that this would be revealing a desperation in his client that would comprise their negotiation position.


My advice to Jim was:

  • Get out in front of this!
  • Call your client daily, BEFORE he can call you.
  • Give him an update, even if there is nothing to report, say “There is nothing to report yet AND I promise to keep you in the information loop.”
  • Write up several different paragraphs, in an educational form, regarding the negotiation process.
  • Send the client regular email updates and sprinkle in the “educating” paragraphs.
  • Remind the client through these emails what your ‘agreed strategy’ would be and what the desired end-game is.
  • Remind them repeatedly. We all need to hear things multiple times before a concept will finally sink in. (Think how many times you see various brand commercials—McDonald’s, tooth paste, beer, Coke, Pepsi, etc.)


We all LOVE to be kept in the information loop. Respond immediately and you can nip 99.9% of the problems before they become serious.

Hope you enjoyed this segment. Until next time…

 Warmest, Julie

Julie Hutton

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 Until we meet again…

Warmest, Julie


Julie Hutton

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Julie Hutton I kiss life on the lips and ADORE every day!

No matter what is occurring in our lives we still have so much to appreciate in life. Isn’t that good to realize?! 

Truly wishing you a great day and a great life,  Julie Hutton

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