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I accidently ran across this project initiated by Kio Stark, a book funding for ‘Don’t Go Back to School,’ on Kickstarter.com (a crowd-funding platform for creative projects). 

The project was initiated by Kio Stark, a NYU instructor, novel writer and Yale graduate school dropout from Brooklyn, NY.

She asked for $14,500 in funding. It was successfully funded by 1588 backers for a total of $38,928 being pledged.

This looks like an idea whose time has come.

As someone who has been a self-directed, self-taught learner for many years, I am a HUGE advocate of this style of learning. I’m very excited about her project.

See Kio Stark discussing her project on video (ONLY 1:45) http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1528125592/dont-go-back-to-school-a-handbook-for-learning-any

This concept is right up there with the Waldorf, Montessori and Sudbury Valley School educational methods for younger children and the Open Source Learning made famous by Richard Baraniuk and Rice University. (See links below for Sudbury and Open Source Learning.)

What a novel idea! Education made easy, convenient, affordable, and accessible by the masses, instead of only available to the elite wealthy, highest grades/SAT scores or those willing to start their careers $100K or more in debt.

I think this produces individuals that are more independent and original thinkers who are guided by their inner-authority versus external-authority.

Imagine how exciting and progressive our world will be with less conformity and more variety and originality. These are exciting times.

 Sudbury Valley School, Framingham, MA  http://www.sudval.com/01_abou_01.html

Check out their YOUTUBE Channel for video clips about Sudbury  http://www.youtube.com/user/SudburyValley

Open Source Learning  

Hear Richard Baraniuk, an exciting and passionate electrical engineering professor (not an oxymoron) from Rice University explain the concept of Open Source Learning in a TED VIDEO (18:37)  a Rice University’s project called Connexions.


Rice University’s Connexions– See their ABOUT US website http://cnx.org/aboutus/

I, personally, love all the innovations occurring regarding greater freedom for pleasure in lifelong learning.

Warmest, Julie

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