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Who do you know that is looking for a job and would love a shot of CONFIDENCE for their next job interview?


I was inspired by a friend that recently lost their job to create this mp3 file and make it downloadable for FREE. I posted it on a cloud site that is freely accessed with this link. 


And yes I added a shameless ad for my business at the end… “when you’re ready to buy that first house or your dream home contact me”… <grins> but honestly it is a great, upbeat, encouraging piece that people can download to their phones and carry it with them on their way to the interview. It also contains some tips for preparing for the interview.


It is only 3:20 long so it imparts a lot of good info and encouragement in a brief amount of time. It really helps to get your head thinking in the right direction.


Here is some of the verbage:


YOU are going to knock em dead! Yes YOU!


Well maybe not knock-em-dead!

Maybe more like knock-em-alive,

Knock-em-awake to fully see you

and to see all the gifts, talents skills and abilities

that you have ready to bring to the job


And you know why?

You know why?

Because you’re going in fully prepared

Fully stoked

Fully excited about this job

You want it

You’re eager for it


And you don’t care how many people you have to interview for it.

You’re excited

Expecting a victory

You’ve done your homework

You KNOW why you’re the best candidate for the job

You’re stoked

(and much more)



We all could use a little help now and then and this is FREE.


Love to hear any feedback from anyone who listens or uses it.


Here’s the link again, FREE download—easy, peasy–  https://app.box.com/file/1814514415



Hope you enjoyed this segment. Until next time…


Warmest, Julie

Julie Hutton

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