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Julie Hutton I kiss life on the lips and ADORE every day!

No matter what is occurring in our lives we still have so much to appreciate in life. Isn’t that good to realize?! 

Truly wishing you a great day and a great life,  Julie Hutton

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Cutest Gingerbread Home in Seattle JULIE HUTTON

I took this picture a couple of years ago. I really love the look of this home.  I love interesting homes.

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SEATTLE, the best place for real estate to rebound, according to Forbes

SEATTLE, the best place for real estate to rebound, according to Forbes

Isn’t that refreshing news!

Right from the pages of Forbes online magazine.


And when it does rebound some experts believe it will come back with a vengeance.


Did you know that Seattle is considered an international gateway with its shipping ports and easy access to the Asian world. Experts have long thought our part of the country was undervalued.


Seattle and its surrounding area, is highly valued for its vital downtown where people can forgo cars and walk to destinations.


It’s a 24 / 7, alive and vibrant city.

We’re right up there with:

Ø      San Fran

Ø      New York

Ø      Hong Kong


With great employment opportunities.


And, wonderful living conditions.

Ø      Temperate climate.

Ø      Lush greenery.

Ø      Friendly people.


Aren’t we blessed!


May 2009 be good to you!julie-hutton-head-shot-21

              ~~ Julie


 Forbes link  http://www.forbes.com/2008/10/29/foreclosure-recession-cities-forbeslife-cx_dp_1029realestate.html


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