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Don’t you just love new, highly functional innovation?!

Warmest, Julie Hutton

Broker, Coldwell Banker Bain, Kirkland, WA 98033

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The right price AND a beautiful, visually appealing home creates a sale. Every time!

Here is an example of beautiful staging for a CAMWEST Home by our good friend, A Liengboonlertchai (Originally from Thailand and trained as an attorney—long story) of Simplicity Décor in Kirkland.

A (his real name) says, “Simplicity Décor didn’t happen overnight, but has been a dream of mine for many years.

Even when I was a young child in Thailand, I loved to look at interior design and architectural magazines.

Later, I loved to play with color and decorate my home. But I didn’t know whether I could ever translate that love into a career.

To make a long story short, after law school and pursuing a career in law for many years, I realized I needed to pursue my true love.”

And creating beauty seems to be “A’s” true love AND oh my gosh does he do a-bang-up-job of it. Just take a quick look at this video (only 1:48) to get a great idea and then go visit his store in downtown Kirkland.

Great staging and beautiful eye candy for the buyers is what creates a sale for the homeowner.

Until we connect again… May your days be filled with gladness!—Julie

A Liengboonlertchai
Home Decor Store Owner, Interior designer
Simplicity Decor
126 Park Lane
Kirkland, Washington 98033

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Julie Hutton I kiss life on the lips and ADORE every day!

No matter what is occurring in our lives we still have so much to appreciate in life. Isn’t that good to realize?! 

Truly wishing you a great day and a great life,  Julie Hutton

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