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I was searching the MLS for Bank Owned properties for sale in Kirkland, Washington and came across a true screaming deal.

 It isn’t bank owned but even better. (Bank-owned’s are now pulling multiple offers and the prices are negotiated up.)


It is a 3 Bedroom 1.75 Bath, with large square footage.

Great location in Kirkland.

An older home, but well maintained.

I’ve spoken with the listing agent and I’m confident, as your buyer’s agent that we could negotiate this home for you between $260-$280K.  AND at either end of that it will be a screaming deal.

 I’ve attached a Payment Estimation for a FHA purchase. http://www.box.net/shared/9qrjh3d58o4oc6mbscpf

  (Remember, it is just an estimation. Please contact a reputable lender. Kimberly Buttle is someone I work with that I really trust.

Kimberly  is extremely respectful and helpful if you need your credit score boosted or have any credit issues and she can help you get them corrected quickly. Please don’t hesitate to contact her. She will take exquisite care of you. I promise. Kimberly Buttle 206-799-0422 [k.buttle@comcast.net]

If not you, do you know someone who is wanting to buy their first home or an investor wanting a great investment.

Email me and I’ll send you a link. And I can show it to you today. It won’t last long (and this isn’t just a come-on—all the real deals go fast because they are easily recognizable).


Warmest, Julie


Julie Hutton


‘I would love to get one of your friends or family into their dream home!

Please call me if you know of anyone who it thinking of buying or selling a home.

I PROMISE to make you proud!’  – Julie



Sales & Marketing Specialist

Coldwell Banker Bain

8525 120th Ave NE, Ste 100

Kirkland, WA 98033






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There is much confusion and concern among homeowners that are under water with their mortgages.

Here’s what some experts in Washington State have to say, “… there is debate amongst attorneys and different courts as to the effect of a deed in lieu as well as regarding the existence of the right of a creditor to seek a deficiency judgment if the lender later sells the property for less…

…Our advice is to have the agreements reviewed and to negotiate clear release language.” McFerran, Burns & Stovall, P.S.    www.mbs-law.com

I absolutely agree!

BE SURE TO GET ADVICE FROM AN ATTORNEY Many will consult with you over the phone for as little as $150. (I know some in the Seattle / Tacoma area. Email me for their info. Julie@JulieHutton.com )


  1. Type up all your questions and the key facts before your appointment. Then email these to the attorney to review as you consult with them. This way you can be sure to remember to cover EVERY question you have so you can make the best decisions FOR YOU in your situation.
  2. You may even want to record the conversation so that you can review it later with a clearer mind or with a partner.
  3. Don’t be ashamed. We are in an economic crisis of major proportions. You are just one of multi-millions. Get the help you need and make a fresh start. You are a good person!

If I can help in any small way… please feel free to contact me.

Warmest, Julie Hutton   425-260-4440    Julie@JulieHutton.com

Broker with Coldwell Banker Bain, Kirkland, WA

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